We Can Provide Any Amount and Any Type of Bond

We can furnish any size of bail bond and will work with you to get the bond approved. No bond is too small or too large. We will post small bonds for a traffic citation and criminal traffic cases. We have experience with writing large bail bonds and can help you through the process of posting collateral for a large bond quickly and courteously.

We Will Always Help You Finance a Bail Bond

Are you short on cash and need bail money? We know it’s difficult to raise money, especially during the night when you are least expecting an arrest. Leave it to United to solve your financial bail needs. If you have a job, or have lived in the immediate community with family ties, we can help. Bad credit is not a problem. We will work each bail bond on the merits of the case. United Bail Bonds offers many payment options if you do not have funds to pay the entire amount now. We accept major credit cards and payment services including, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We also offer interest-free payment plans to those who qualify. Call us and we can assist you with a variety of payment options.